We deliver shipboard emergency lighting conversion products of the highest quality backed by quality assurance and incomparable product support.

We design our products with enhanced safety margins in response to the needs of the Fleet for Safety and Survivability.

All our products have been developed by a Naval Engineer with 35+ years of experience in safety and damage control on board USN ships and firsthand knowledge how reliable light saves lives.

SURFPAC ships received the Seacoast Development Group Inc. (SDG) conversion kits beginning in 1998 to upgrade the SYM 101.2 Battle Lanterns to SYM 101.3 Rechargeable Battle Lanterns.

60,000 SDG Battle Lantern conversion kit units are in service today on USN and USCG vessels with no reported failures.

We stand behind our products and can be reached 24/7 at 1-800-645-4832  for purchasing enquiries, orders and technical support.  We also can be reached via email, snail mail and through this website.

For the highest quality NSN-approved ship emergency lighting solutions with proven reliability and durability, look no further than SDG.

Charlie & Breeze Stewart

Updated:  October 02, 2007

"Safety and Survivability are the primary considerations for our lantern Conversion kit designs.  Our conversion kits upgrade the current emergency lanterns to the highest standard and offer distinguishing features that provide the level of reliability necessary to guarantee the utmost margin of safety for sailors of the US Navy and US Coast Guard."


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